My Ecuador Travel Adventures

July 1, 2016Alicia

Adventures in Ecuador March 2016

Earlier this year I took a three-week trip down to Ecuador to visit my Grandma. It seemed so long that I felt like I had moved there. The produce at the market was cheap. Although some things were not available, and if they were it was expensive.

The Adventures Began In Quito Area

My trip started out near by Quito airport which isn’t in Quito, but a small town called Tababela. Then after we went by bus to Otavalo. Which has the best market for souvenirs. But always remember to haggle when you’re buying things. Some will try to take advantage of you, and over price things.

Otavalo Market


What I couldn’t get over the first few days. The biggest culture shock for me being animal lover was seeing all the dogs wondering loose.  And I am a cat person. It was sad for me…

a dogThis sweet little dog waiting outside a grocery store.

Tonsupa Beach

Soon after Otavalo we got on the next bus, and several other buses to reach Tonsupa finally!! Talk about are we there yet?!!?! It was so hot coming from Oregon weather it was unbearable for me LOL!

dogon beachbeachwaterbeach glider


market flowersstreet

After coconuts on the beach we were off to destination Cuenca. We made Cuenca our base. So we could travel by bus(about $7.50) to Vilcabamba and(I think it was 50 cents) near by Banos. Then go back to the hostel for our resting point. Cuenca has many sites to see. We visited the Museo Pumapungo which is free. In the back outside you can walk around the archaeological site of the Inca ruins it’s beautiful. There is also the bird sanctuary a side from the ruins. inca

Vilcabamba Valley of Longevity

Vilcabama has gotten popular with the gringos for its spring time year-round weather. It has a small town vibe that’s appealing too. In fact you will see allot of gringos there. The land is very lush, and green. I loved it!


Cuenca Or Vilcabamba

If I had to choose my favorite city it would be either Cuenca or Vilcabamba. The scenery is great in Vilcabamba. But I also like the city of Cuenca because of  the availability of things.

Do you know of any fun or exciting places to visit in Ecuador? Please comment below or send me an e-mail, I’d love to hear about your adventure’s!









Our feet in Ecuador

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  • Rose

    August 2, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    I love the photos! What a beautiful place to visit!

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