5 Breathtaking Views That Will Make You Wanderlust

June 18, 2016Alicia

Breathtaking Views That Will Make You Wanderlust

5 breathtaking views that will make you wanderlust

Most people are born with wanderlust. However, there are a handful of places on earth that can

make anyone wanderlust with its overwhelming natural beauty.

The magical Santorini and its breathtaking view

Santorini GreeceSantorini Greece

One such place is Santorini, which is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, southeast of Greece. It is most famous for its uncommon, beautiful black sand beaches. Lining, the beaches are towering purple mountains that create a contrast with the blue water. Wine in Santorini is extremely famous too, and is said to be the best in all of Greece.  Santorini has been making a variety of wine for the past three thousand years and there are many wineries you can visit and taste their wines right from the barrels. You can also visit archaeological sites if you are interested in such things. However, if you crave a more thrilling experience, you can go sailing and try out water sports. Welcome in Santorini!

Cat Santorini Greece

The intimidate views and crystal blue sea water of Phi Phi


Phi Phi Island ThailandPhi Phi Island Thailand

Another breathtakingly beautiful place with amazing views is the Phi Phi islands in Thailand. The hype does not do it justice because the view will make you fall in love at first sight. The beach surrounded by sheer cliffs towering overhead and vivid green jungle is bound to blow you away. The best part about Phi Phi islands is that you do not need to follow a strict schedule since it does not have human inhabitants. You can go at any time, relax and have a laid-back time that is so perfect you wouldn’t need to plan any activities. The charm of Phi Phi islands is definitely the calmness of it which will make you feel incredibly content. However, if you are intent on doing some outdoor activities, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling and have an amazing experience. Phi Phi Islands force to recognize the beauty in nature. Be mesmerized!

 Monkey Phi Phi Island Thailand

The unparalleled and beautiful views of Tulum

Tulum, MexicoMayan Ruins Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a city in Mexico with many heart stopping views. Swimming in the ancient, blue water is bound to be a magical experience. It is mostly crowded, so you may have to walk a little to find yourself a non-crowded spot. It is the perfect place to visit and to cool down after visiting the Mayan Ruins since it is nearby. You can also snorkel in the warm water with the turtles and have a peaceful time. The ruins are an archaeologists dream and a must visit for anyone interested in the ruins of ancient time. Even if history does not interest you much, the beauty of the ruins is sure to take your breath away!

lizard Iguana Tulum, Mexico

 The captivated and impressive beauty of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights NorwayNorthern Lights Norway

The Northern Lights can be found in Norway and are one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena.

They occur when different types of gas particles collide and produce several colors that light up the

sky. Although that is the science behind the Northern Lights, it is easy to believe that it is all magic.

This carnival of lights can be seen at night and is most convenient to view from Norway because of

the abundance of hotels. Norway also has plenty daytime activities to keep you occupied while you

wait for night-time to see the Northern Lights. They make for an absolutely magical experience that you will remember for a lifetime. You are very welcome!

aurora-borealis Northern Lights Norway

 The magnificent and mysterious city of Petra

Petra Jordan Lost CityPetra Jordan Lost City

Petra is an archaeological site in the northwest desert of Jordan. The infamous ‘lost city’ of Petra will transport you back in ancient times which have no resemblance to the modern world at all. The

giant red mountains and the city carved into it by the Nabataeans more than two thousand years

ago is astonishing. You can visit the roman-style theater, ancient temples which will seem as if they

are as old as time itself, obelisks and sacrificial alters that are no longer ominous. If after a day of

exploring you are in need of some soothing time, you can have a spa and emerge as a relaxed person. Enjoy!

Camels Petra Jordan Lost CityPetra Jordan Lost City


Happy Traveling!

Are there any places that sparkle the wanderlust in you?! I would love to hear about any breathtaking views you know of! Please leave a comment down below!


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