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Hey I’m still working on this page. 

Speak for the animals

“Anima: the inner self of an individual; the soul” Animals are sentient beings and deserve the right to be left alone. Let’s travel with a purpose, my mission to inspire all animal lovers to becoming Animaltarians! An animaltarian is a person who seeks to support animal welfare. Be a voice for the voiceless! As an aspiring animaltarian I want to give and make a change by helping animals in need. I hope to bring awareness to fellow animal lovers to stand up and be the voice for the voiceless.

Animaltarianism is a moral of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended to all animals. 

Here are some great organizations that I found. Stay tuned for more to come!

Animal Aid Unlimited is an awesome organization in India that rescues and helps animals! I love their you tube videos!

Food for Life Global is a vegan food organization that feeds people!

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