Bucket List

My bucket list so far!

1. Volunteer at Animal Aid Unlimited.

2. Volunteer at Food for Life Global.

3. Go to Maldives.

4. Go on Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise.

5. Visit a cat cafe.

6. Volunteer in Ecuador Animal Welfare Projects In Ecuador .

7. Fly first class.

8. Fly in a private jet.

9. Ice Skate in Central Park.

10. Go on a helicopter ride.

11. Soak in the hot springs in Iceland.

12. Take a photo every day for a year.

13. See the northern lights.

14. Ride in a gondola in Italy.

15. Make a call from a London phone booth.

16. Float in the Dead Sea.

17. Ride in the London Eye.

18. Visit the Watomio glow caves in New Zealand.

19. See Petra.

20. Go to Egypt.

21. See the Roman Colosseum.

22. Maho Beach

23. Tulum, Mexico

24. Grasse, France

25. Coney Island

26. Albania

27. Monaco

28. St Tropez

29. Amalfi

30. Maraya Concert Hall in Saudi Arabia


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