The Secrets To Fountain Of Youth

June 29, 2016Alicia

The Secrets To Fountain Of Youth

Something that surprises people when they first meet me is that I look younger than my real age. Whenever I meet people I challenge them to guess how old they think I am. And they generally are off by at least 5 years or more. But hey that’s a good thing right! It makes me happy, and gives me reassurance to think that when I am older I still won’t look my age. Maybe I’ll look how old I am supposed to look now. LOL  After the guessing game they ask how I look so young? I respond with I dunno… There are many things that attribute to my youthfulness.

The Secrets

Features That Contribute To Youthfulness



  1. A manager I had once couldn’t remember my name, so she started calling smiley, because I always smile. Smiling keeps your disposition bright and cheery. Which gives you a positive outlook on life. The sparkle that follows you everywhere.  Also leaving a little behind wherever you go.  It’s that sparkle that makes your body stay young.

meditation-1087847_19202. Staying positive has healing properties. A couple of years ago I broke my arm. My plastic surgeon told me he was amazed that I was healing a month ahead of people with the similar injuries as mine. And that was only at a week after my injury.


vegetable-1112008_6403. Our bodies work best at alkaline state. Sickness and aging comes to us when we are eating acidic foods. Being vegan helps the body stay alkaline.  I have been vegan since 2001, when I was 17.


4. I am young at heart, and I never actually wanted to do things that were older than my age. I enjoy the simple things in life. Such as: going on hikes. Taking pictures of anything and everything. And going on random adventures to anywhere with my best friends.


So there you have it, traits/habits I believe that contribute to a youthful appearance. Keep smiling, and spread the good vibes only!

Do you look younger than your age or have any tips to keeping youthful? Please comment below or send me an e-mail, I’d love to hear  your perspective on this!


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