Cruelty-Free Lifestyle


I aim to live as cruelty-free as possible that I am aware of. Living cruelty free means to me: Abstaining from eating animal flesh and animal secretions. As well as not using them for anything. No Leather. No fur. No Animal Ingredients. Also not buying anything that has been tested on animals.

We are their fellow earthlings. Our role should be guardians to protect and defend them. Animals should have the basic right to live and be free.   

My dreams are to help the animals and bring more people to open their hearts beyond selective compassion. And to start using their compassionate intelligence. Because animals are friends not food.


Until we truly love from the soul…

How do we know when it’s love? True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. Sentient beings. When we can recognize that animals are more than property. They are capable of feeling pain and they want to live just as we do. Open your heart and make the connection. Please choose compassion!


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