Vegans Welcome! Amazing Destinations for Vegans!

October 24, 2017Alicia

Vegans Welcome! Amazing Destinations for Vegan

Depending on the city you’re in, it can be challenging to find vegan friendly restaurants. As some of you know about ordering from the side menus haha(ex: side of: fries, veggies, fruits, side salad). Not all these involve food but I did a search and was amazed but what places I found for vegan destinations. So if you dream of traveling the world, here are some amazing destinations that will spark wanderlust inside you!

13 Amazing Destinations for Vegans!

Updated!! Oct/26/2020
  1. Vegan food tours Vegan Food Tours, with prices ranging from 47€ to 67€ you can take a food tours in: Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, or Rome. If you aren’t familiar with these cities it this is a great way to see some amazing restaurants! Yum!
  2. Vegan tours featured in Veg News magazine tours Veg Voyages, Take a VegNews Great Adventure to India with VegVoyages! They also have tours in:BALI/LAOS/MALAYSIA/SUMATRA/INDIA/THAILAND/SRI LANKA/NEPAL
  3. Farm Sanctuary Farm Sanctuary located in upstate New York. Guests can choose from staying in a tiny house or cabins. Wake up to the roosters crowing and get a closer bond with rescued animals at the sanctuary. 
  4. Vegan Holistic Cruise A Taste of Health . This is a 10 night cruise it will set sail in Miami, Florida going through Eastern Caribbean. It features tons of great speakers including James Aspey , this will be going on February 15-25, 2018. There will be yumalicious food to eat plus cooking classes. Also many activities to do: yoga, meditation, fitness classes.  
  5. Vegan River Cruise sails in Europe. They have 5 destinations to choose from: Paris, France/ Porto, Portugal/Avignon – St. Jean de Losne, Sensations of Southern France/Budapest, Hungary Danube Delta Discovery/Amsterdam – Nancy, Romantic Rhine and Moselle Discovery. Vegan River Cruises
  6. I can’t wait to go to Maldives! This is on my bucket list! So far I had only see Maldives resorts making vegan accommodations for people upon request. But I finally found one place who does a Maldives Vegan Experience Athuruga Beach Diamonds Resorts !!! #goals 
  7. A wellness retreat in Costa Rica. This one is relaxing, you can choose many activities from the spa to a juice cleanse.   Waterfall Villas
  8. Germany- Hotel/Vegan Restaurant pretty sure this one is on a beach or a walk away from it(assuming from the website pictures). The pictures of the food look really good! This place also has some health workshops you can attend.  Haus-Linden
  9. Greece- Their main restaurant at this resort Aphrodite has a buffet with freshly squeezed juices and vegan food. mmm. It’s located on the north coast of Crete, directly on the beach.  Apollonia
  10. Spain- This villa has amazing room designs and the view from the villa is beautiful too! Very luxurious! Villa Vegana
  11. Virgin islands- This is a private luxury yacht in the Caribbean area. Customize your itinerary with snorkeling or hiking. 7 days vegan culinary holiday in virgin islands
  12. Tuscany, Italy- You will be preparing delicious vegan Italian cuisine that is organic. Discover the most beautiful parts of Tuscany and take part in activities like oil and wine tasting! 8 days organic vegan cooking holidays in Tuscany Italy
  13. Israel is leading in the animal rights movement right now they have the most vegans per capita! Tons of vegan food options! The Animal Rights March will have 30,000 people marching on September 9, 2017!! The largest animal rights march in history! Wow! I wanna go there! This tour would be a blast!  Israel vegan tour 10 days

For Tips On How To Eat Vegan While Traveling Abroad Check Out This Post Below!

How To Eat Vegan While Traveling Abroad


Do you know of any vegan destinations that I haven’t listed? Please share I would love to hear about them! 

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