How To Eat Vegan While Traveling Abroad

How to Eat Vegan While Traveling Abroad Being vegan while traveling can sometimes be a bit rough. Between language barriers and cultural differences, it’s often difficult to get cruelty free food on your plate. Don’t let these difficulties keep you from traveling though, because you would be missing out on a whole world of delicious vegan meals and stunning sites. Instead, here are a few tips to help you eat vegan while traveling abroad and still experiencing all of the best that the world has to offer. Study The Language Putting in a little bit of study work before a trip can be useful for eating vegan abroad. You won’t have to learn the whole language but to at least brush up on food words can make your life a whole lot easier. Figure out the words for No, Vegan, Meat, Vegetables and Fruit. You can put them on easy to carry around flashcards. It can make a world of difference when trying to fill up your belly while traveling. Use Vegan Travel Apps If you don’t have the chance to study or feel like you could use a little backup, try downloading some vegan friendly travel apps. Stock up your smart phone with these resources that are typically made by vegans and used by many cruelty free travelers. Try Veganagogo which offers translations in different languages and helps to locate vegan restaurants. Shop in Grocery Stores Shopping in grocery stores instead of eating out in restaurants is a great way to ensure that you eat vegan. You will have more of an understanding of the items that you are buying. Since you are cooking them yourself, there is a much lower chance of any animal products ending up in your meals. Stay Somewhere With a Kitchen If cooking for yourself sounds good to you, you may want to ensure that you stay somewhere with a kitchen. Most hostels offer communal kitchens that are well stocked with cooking supplies and dishes. Or, if you would like a bit more privacy, you can opt for something like AirBnB. Which offers apartments and full homes with use of the kitchen and kitchen supplies. Join Vegan Meetup Groups Finding other vegans in your destination of travel is a fantastic way to stay social, learn about new people and stick to eating vegan. Search online in travel groups through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find other vegans just like you. Also utilize platforms like Couchsurfing to find local vegans who are willing to get together. They can show you their favorite vegan restaurants in the destinations you choose to visit. Research Vegan Restaurants If you don’t want to rely on others, the best way to find vegan restaurants while traveling is to do the research yourself. Vegans are all over the world. Most destinations are bound to have at least one good cruelty free dining option. Get out the guide books, hit the vegan travel blogs and start making a list of the restaurants you want to check out. Do you have any tips on eating vegan while traveling? I would love to hear your advice! Please leave a comment down below!