How To Create The Perfect Blog

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Creating Your Perfect Blog

In reality you might want to ask a blogger if there is anything like the phrase ‘the perfect blog?’ I think the word ‘the’ there seems to point to something different. That every blogger should be informed of to succeed. If you want to find out what that is? How you can create the perfect blog. Then you are on the right page!

How to create the perfect blog

First things first the essentials:

  1. Create a responsive design. A visually appealing design will draw people to your site URL.
  2. Having pillar pages will be the foundation of your blog. They must be accessible at your main menu. This will be your A. About me page,B. Contacts page, C. Any other important pages.

Now to the next stage, let’s consider all this together to create the perfect blog;

1. Find Your Niche

deep-thought-1296377_640Niche means the specialized area a blogger feels like writing on.

What do you consider writing on? Something that makes you feel comfortable to write about. Such as; traveling, photography, arts and crafts, health, or investing. Every niche today started with a blogger challenging itself in forming an article. Whatever niche you decide to write on add a special twist to make it yours. Something that will set you apart from veterans in the niche.

NOTE: Don’t just write, research on it. Then publish it, for those who are going to be your readers, which leads to the next point Audience!

2. Are you my audience?


THE niche you pick, will give you an idea on who your audience will be. – dreamers, artists, free spirits, idealistic, philosophers etc. Which means every blogger or proposed blogger should consider who their readers will be?


3. Develop Content Plan


Writing is time-consuming so you may not be working on more than one post at time.

We all have to plan ahead to make our dreams of blogging success a reality. To make things easier start an editorial calendar and set deadlines for each blog post title.

4. Content Promotion Strategy


Loving your audience and treating them with lots of goodies through promotional strategy. Using these strategies a blogger will be on the road to becoming an expert in the field.

° Consider adding inspiring quotes

°Share a snippet of each post to social media networks. – Work on having a great social media recognition.  Not just by sharing. But getting your followers or audience connected to you all the time. Via means of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest, Linkedin and many more.

5. Always make room for audience response

cms-265128_640The comment or feedback given by readers is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the words posted on the page.

Movie trivia, Reminiscing about current events. Even if it’s not part of the niche. Something that keeps the blog alive. Do you also know that 75% of readers who go through your post always look for a friendly audience response. For many reasons apart from just communicating how well they love it. Some correcting or even adding few more ideas to the content written.

They want to feel and know more about you outside the words. Just as it is for celebrities; Musicians, T.V and Radio OAP (On Air Personality). Their fans love them to show what they do in their day-to-day life beyond their job.


6. Keep a traffic target

seo-1216145_640Bloggers traffic target should always increase daily or weekly. To get a responsive blog the blogger should always innovate ways to push the site’s traffic to trend. Is it because my site is designed well? Is it because of the consistency in blogging? Is it because I refer to my personal life or to similar situations in the environment…?

Simple reply YES to the above! The key is to get people to fall in love with you! If you get the love of a reader from the first day, the blog site URL comes to the reader’s mind. It will surprise you how often your traffic will increase when they introduce others to your site. Who knows how this love will fly out to make others addicted to your site URL!

7. Improve your blogging skill

success-784350_640Always try to make a blog post better than the last. The more consistent you get in writing, the better you’ll be. If you actually aren’t sure of how to write better, don’t hold back to ask for help from people good at this. or take courses online. No one wants to read a blog where the writing is poor grammar or lacking in punctuation.


  • Give catchy titles/ headlines
  • Think of the length of content. – What works perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google?
  • Use of images – readers love something visual to keep them going.
  • Make your content have value to the viewers. Be interesting, be honest, use yourself as an example. Develop a unique style of writing that will make readers read a post word for word without getting bored. Research on your writing. Always keep your audience eager to come back for more.
  • Always read through your posts before publishing. It must be error free and perfect!!

Then you are on your way to creating a perfect blog!

Congratulations in advance for your success! Remember to keep it clean and organized. People like an easy to follow design. Also the content quality of the blog, will keep bringing your readers back.

I created my blog using wordpress on a name cheap hosting. Get started today!


PS: Don’t just strive to be a great blogger! But make it a mission to influence your readers to be  addicted to your content!!!



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